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As our approach, we provide consulting, ideas, and resources for leaders working towards lasting social change. Through a unique combination of customized consulting services, powerful ideas, and engagement with communities, we help our clients become drivers of social impact.

Our consulting philosophy centers on developing positive change agents around principles of collective impact, shared values, and a systems-thinking approach to solutions. By utilizing holistic solutions models, we focus on securing partnerships and collaborations with key networks while strategically ensuring stakeholder participation. We aim to build awareness and foster dialogue around the fast-growing multidisciplinary and collaborative solution economy dedicated to solving complex social challenges.

Blue Ridge Impact Consulting, founded by Dr. Ameena Zia, has been engaged and facilitated stakeholder partnerships at the United Nations since 2015 and has helped clients with events at the UN High-Level Political Forum, UN Commission on Status of Women, UN Youth Forum, UN Commission for Social Development, and at other UN sessions. Events have ranged from in-person to virtual and have assisted in the impactful furthering of client agendas in areas of retaining federal contracts, policy, and/or establishing substantive partnerships. With teams in New York City, Dallas, St. Louis, and Asheville, the firm focuses on areas of health equity, food security, access to ICTs (information communication technologies), experiential education and learning, climate change, and development within minority communities. As a three-year recipient of the NYC Mayoral Service Award, the team is well-versed in the field of social impact and stakeholder approach to partnerships.

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