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Re-Imagining Digital Health Systems  (February 2023) is a briefing on the priority theme of the 61st Commission for Social Development, creating full and productive employment and decent work for all. The side event aims to highlight best practices for partnerships through stakeholder approach, that are solutions-centric and responsive to immediate challenges.

Areas of discussion will include: 

  • Access to health systems - Dr. Waqas Ahmed, CEO of American Telephysicians

  • Workforce development - Ms. Sherri Johnson, VP of Partnerships, ATP 

  • Innovative education, Dr. Ameena Zia, UN Representative and Consultant 


Expert speakers will connect linkages from challenge phase to solution and implementation by utilizing the American Telephysicians model as a case study that is currently implemented in both developing and the developed communities

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Lecture: Understanding the Appalachia & the Role of Community Colleges 

Details to be shared shortly, stay tuned! 

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