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Aligned with UN Global Compact Principles

We pledge to always put the community first. That means being leaders in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

By integrating the core principles of the UN Global Compact into our policies and operations, we ensure that our work always contributes positively to societal progress and overcoming development challenges.

Driving Change Globally



In our efforts to combat learning poverty, we have launched initiatives aimed at promoting literacy and education access. One such initiative is our Read Aloud program, where we've partnered with organizations like the World's Largest Lesson to publish children's books addressing critical issues such as climate change. Through storytelling and education, we empower young minds to become agents of positive change in their communities.

Change the Change Children's Book


Addressing Learning Poverty

Learning poverty remains a significant barrier to global development, with millions of children lacking access to quality education.


At Blue Ridge Impact Consulting, we are committed to addressing this challenge through innovative initiatives and partnerships. Our Read Aloud initiative exemplifies our dedication to promoting literacy and education access, exposing young minds to the challenges faced by our planet. By collaborating with organizations like the World's Largest Lesson, we develop engaging educational materials, such as children's books on topics like climate change, to inspire young learners and foster a culture of lifelong learning.


Driving Impactful Policy Engagement

Effective policy engagement is essential for driving meaningful change and creating inclusive societies. Through our engagements in political forums, including the United Nations, we advocate for policies that prioritize social equity and sustainable development. From facilitating dialogues at the UN High-Level Political Forum to participating in the UN Commission on Status of Women, our team leverages its expertise to influence policy decisions and promote the interests of marginalized communities. By advocating for policies that address key issues such as health equity, food security, and climate change, we strive to create a more just and equitable world for all.


Leadership through Policy Engagement

 At Blue Ridge Impact, we work closely with policy makers, organizations, and individuals to advocate for strategic policies that drive social impact. 


Our team regularly engages in a variety of forums, including the United Nations and other global gatherings and high level political forums, where we have helped drive the conversation around sustainable development and leadership. Our work in this area has allowed us to set the agenda for change and drive progress towards a more sustainable future. 

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