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Working with Global Impact Leaders

From tackling poverty to promoting sustainability, Blue Ridge Impact is dedicated to creating meaningful social impact. We collaborate with global leaders and community stakeholders to develop innovative solutions that drive real change.


We believe that businesses have the power to create real, positive social change. That's why we've worked on a number of impactful projects with our clients. From sustainability initiatives to community engagement programs, our work is making a difference. Learn more about our current projects below.

Digital Health Ecosystems

SmartClinix: Remote Health Monitoring

At Blue Ridge Impact Consulting, we are proud to collaborate with American TelePhysicians (ATP) in their mission to transform healthcare delivery through SmartClinix, a cutting-edge digital health ecosystem. Through our strategic partnership, we have catalyzed innovation, fostered industry connections, and facilitated impactful engagements that drive meaningful change in the digital health space.

Improving Outcomes

DeafReach: Engaging Hearing Impaired Individuals

Our collaboration with DeafReach is centered around empowering hearing-impaired individuals through tailored support and opportunities. By engaging with DeafReach, we work to break down barriers and create inclusive environments where individuals with hearing impairments can thrive. Together, we are championing accessibility and equity, ensuring that all members of society have the chance to reach their full potential.

Impacting Change

Pakistan American Foundation

As esteemed members of the Board of Directors and Honorary Members, we helped play a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction and impact of APF's initiatives. From spearheading fundraising efforts to providing strategic guidance on program development, our involvement with APF reflects our deep-seated commitment to advancing social impact agendas. Working collaboratively with other board members, we leveraged our collective expertise and resources to address pressing social challenges and unlock opportunities for positive change.

Improving Health Delivery

Partnership with One Health Commission

Our partnership with the One Health Commission embodies our dedication to promoting health equity. By leveraging frameworks like One Health, we collaborate with healthcare and technology clients to implement science-driven interventions and policies that foster fairness and inclusivity. Together, we work to create a more equitable healthcare landscape, ensuring access to quality care for all.

At the Forefront

Partnership with The White House

Our partnership with the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships underscores our commitment to fostering unity and addressing societal challenges. Aligned with the White House's goals, we work collaboratively to support COVID-19 pandemic recovery efforts, increase opportunities for historically disadvantaged communities, and advance international development and humanitarian work.

Together, we leverage our expertise and networks to secure civil society partnerships and implement initiatives that promote equity, resilience, and social cohesion. By bringing people of all backgrounds and beliefs together, we strive to create a more inclusive and prosperous society for everyone.

Unlocking Potential

Vocational Training for Sapphire Pakistan

Our partnership with Sapphire Pakistan is dedicated to empowering communities through vocational training initiatives. By providing skills development opportunities, we aim to enhance employment prospects and economic mobility for individuals in Pakistan. Together, we are building a more resilient and prosperous society by investing in the potential of its people.

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