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Experiential Leadership

Experiential education is an epistemological philosophy and
pedagogical methodology, in which educators purposefully engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values.


Working Group on Identity, Knowledge, & Access 

Series of dialogues with young leaders on conceptualizing and re-defining leadership within the context of identity formation, knowledge acquisition, and access of resources. 

Launch at 62nd UN Commission on Social Development

"Transformative Narratives for Change: Creative Expressions and Education for Youth"



AIM Education & Research Society

Family Education Services Foundation

Blue Ridge Impact Consulting 

Young Leaders Exchange 

As part of the Women Peace and Security framework, the youth leaders exchange serves to advance women's and girls' civic and political leadership. By dismantling barriers and building leadership pipeline to support women's meaningful participation in political, peacebuilding and transition processes, the exchange is rooted in facilitating initiatives that advance leadership of local women and girls within their communities. 

The exchange brings young leaders from Pakistan, Liberia and the Appalachia (Western North Carolina and rural Virginia) in the United States together to re-imagine leadership for transformative change. In partnership with US Women, Peace & Security Framework, G7 Global Objectives on Girl's Education, and the SDG Action Zone, the initiative is first of its kind towards civil bi-lateral relations between the United States and Pakistan and between Liberia and the United States. 


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